Webcams Madison Ivy & Romi Rain live show

News: Whip It Out! Madison Ivy and Romi Rain Wanna Smoke Yo Shit!

Happy 4/20 to all you smoke and poon hounds out there! As a tribute to all the brain cells gone, is bringing you the poisonous Maidison Ivy and Romi Rain; because when she rains, she pours. Once these girls are done with you, we’ll guarantee reefer madness; the kind you won`t want to recover from. We`ll be one Snoop Dogg away from a ma’fuckin’ gangsta party! Deets below!

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Date : Friday, April 18th, 2014 Time : 4:00-5:00pm EDT
Theme : 4/20
Price : Free!
Model : Madison Ivy & Romi Rain
Location: Roll Dat Shit. Light Dat Shit. Smoke Dat Shit. Anywheres you want.

Webcams Live Show

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